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tv   ABC15 News at 5PM  ABC  September 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:30pm MST

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wheel of the black chevrolet never was going to give up. >> so we attempted to box him in in the roadway, then shots were fired. >> reporter: the driver, a suspected bank robber died there. officers chased him across the valley, making a series of strange stops. tossing a bag, and dumping two alleged accomplice. >> one suspect entered a home, and was taken into custody with the assistance of a canine unit. the second was caut >> reporter: using the helicopter as a primary spotter keep it is community safer they say, without letting the bad guys escape. >> it allowed the speeds to slow down in the pursuit, the hope is that the suspect forgets that police are in the area. >> reporter: but in this case it seem it is driver was keeping tabs on the police chasing him. you can tell he's on the cell phone. >> he could have been receiving updates from people at home watching tv. >> reporter: but he couldn't out maneuver the phoenix police
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bystanders or police officers were hurt. >> reporter: and you can see live investigators talking to a guy out here. they have not released the name of the suspect who was behind the wheel and died at this point, but as you can imagine it's going to be a long night out here. the intersection will be closed for hours, so best avoid the area. >> yes, and multiple crime scenes as well. let's take you balk to where -- back to where it started. this is the credit union west on van buren in avondale. the crime scene tape just coming down a hours after police say three guys walked in with guns waving and demanding cash. officers arriving just in time to see the suv speeding away. then the chase was on, with two suspects deciding they had enough, jumping out of the suv, and running into a nearby home, but they were both taken into dust did i. the thirds -- custody. the third and final suspect
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tosses something out after a car window. police confirming to abc 15 it's a bag of money. family telling us the woman you see in the backyard is the suspect's sister. just the most dramatic moment -- >> the most dramatic moment is here, the police in a tan truck coming out of nowhere, and from there on the side they pulled the maneuver, backed him up against the pole and box him in. a split second rang out. megan thompson is continuing our team coverage tonight, and i understand you were actually close enough to hear the shots being fired? >> >> reporter: absolutely stephanie. we were in the area working on a completely different story north of here when the five or six gunshots rang out. and the we saw the choppers circling the sky, and our cameras were rolling just seconds after the shots were
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happening. one man told us he's staying at the arizona grand resort nearby, and was driving in the area when he noticed all of the police activity >> i nosed the two -- noticed the two helicopters flying above as i was driving out of the resort, and i turned right, and then all the officers just pulled in front of me and stopped everybody. >> reporter: and like that one witness was just saying, and what melissa blasius was saying, so many people are struggling to get around this area near i-10 you can see the cones and police officers out trying to get people home safely, but the officers are glad they stopped the man on the road before making it to the freeway. the good news, they were able to stop him before he went any further. >> yes, it's amazing no one else was hurt. we'll stay on top of the story all night both on the air and line. head to for a
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happened today, and we'll post updates to our facebook and twitter paigles from the abc 15 live desk, hurricane newton headed our way -- pages. from the abc 15 live desk, hurricane newton headed our way, the damage is called minor in mexico. no guests were hurt at resorts and hotels, but amber, it's not over. we'll feel the impacts in our state? >> in some cases we already are. the outer band of pushing into southeast arizona where thunderstorms are firing up this afternoon. here's the latest path on newton. right now a category 1 storm, and it will be making land fall tonight. going into tomorrow morning moving into southeast arizona, by tomorrow evening just a remnant low, but we could possibly see it as tropical storm strength as it starts to go across the state line into southeast arizona tomorrow, so we'll continue to watch this. the biggest threat is flash flooding, and a flash flood
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central and southern arizona through 8:00 p.m. tomorrow. it kicks in at 6:00 tonight, so watch out for that, and across southeast arizona is where the biggest impacts will be felt. tomorrow if you have travel plans south of the valley down to tucson, make sure the wiper blades are new and fresh. allow yourself extra time, and properly inflate the tires, and don't try to drive through flooded roadways ever. we'll talk more about the forecast and how much rain we could see in a family nightmare on lake pleasant, residents flying in to search for a missing boater. the man disappeared sunday afternoon, and crews spent the last two days looking for him. maryellen resendez is live at lake pleasant, and what kind of help are we talking about here? >> reporter: you know, it's been such an emotional day for the family members. more than 50 of them arriving from all over the us converging
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into the marina to try and help sheriff's deputies aid and help look for the missing man. but whoever was in charge didn't take count at the end of day, and the 24-year-old never made it back to the boat. his father told us his son went out with about eight friends sunday. >> he's a good swimmer. >> reporter: since then sheriff's deputies have been searching by land, water, and air. >> using sonar systems to find to take pictures under the water. >> reporter: about 50 of his family flew in from all over the country to lend support and help search for the missing medical student. by mid-afternoon posters were up around the lake and marinas, then came the call of hope from a former police psychic in california. >> he's seen the helicopter, the helicopter does not see him, and the last thing i got that was so prominent was he
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and was waving him. >> he was a dreamer, and we still believe he's alive and well somewhere, we just don't know wear, and we're hoping and praying we can find him >> reporter: now, of course the family is hoping that mcso deputies will find him soon. we just checked in with them, but so far today there's no luck, but they are planning to search through the night. they have a na there that they'll still be able to see under the water. maryellen resendez, abc 15 news. not giving up hope. thanks so much. a break in an autoof state -- out of state case. why the valley man is behind bars. >. and the final sprint to election day. the nominees sit down exclusively with nbc's david muir. and this is the time to help out the recycle your
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we're proud to put a bike under the tree of every kid in foster care this holiday season. call now, and what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america home. expert medicine works here. er
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paul babeu exposed in a damning home video. extreme discipline used on special needs kids at a boarding school he used to run. widespread cases of physical and sexual abuse. students were also stripped down and forced to wear nothing but a sheet. indisputable evidence that congressional candidate supported the abusive practices and even bragged about them. they're there for a reason. because they're hopeless. because they're hopeless. a long history of abuse, the students may never recover.
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welcome back to the news at 5:00. evy recycle your bicycle organization to help out the 19,000 kids living in foster care in the state of arizona, and the arizona association of faster and foster parent social security here, and -- parent social security here, and for a -- parents is here, and the child can literally show up with the clothe ons their back. >> we've been foster parents for a long time, and most kids come with nothing, and certainly don't ride up on a
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lot of extra money. >> they don't come with money or clothes or much of anything at all. >> so it's difficult for families to afford a big ticket item like a bike. >> yes, and most live with relative care givers, and for those families that get no reimbursement or anything from the state, you know, it's expensive, and it's expensive to raise a kid. >> and that's where this organization comes refurbish the bikes. tatiana, you were in foster care, and you got a bike, how old were you? >> 14, and now i'm 16. >> and that was your first bike? >> yeah. >> what was the feeling? >> i was really, really excited. all my friends would say hey i'm going to ride my bike and go over to the mall or something, and i never had that experience, not until i got the first bike. >> and that's what the organizations really does.
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i appreciate it. call, the volunteers will be
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developing now from the abc 15 live desk, there's an arrest warrant for an accused fake dentist here in the valley on the run after skipping out on court. we told you about the 54-year- old woman earlier this year, charged with operating a practice out of her apartment without a license. the the under cover bust revealed dental tools inside and a bed set up as the dental chair. she had posted the $20,000
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accused of trying to burn down his san tan valley house with his family inside. he bought a 20-gallon propane tank into the home, doused it in alcohol, and went to grab matches, when his father and brother held him back until deputies got there. a glendale man arrested in the death of a new mexico woman. gonzalez was picked up last week. the woman's body was found year along i-40 in oklahoma. she had been reported missing several months before. gonzalez remains in arizona awaiting extradition. new video in of the woman that admits she was drunk and hit when she hit and killed two people in mesa. police say she admitted to being impaired when plowing into a car last month killing the couple inside. despite her confession and at least 20 prior arrests, a judge
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the prank apparently went too far, so tonight a valley school district is set to take action. students at scottsdale desert mountain used a hillary clinton mask and sex toys to vandalize a statue ahead of a football game, and the district released a statement saying it was disgraceful, and appropriate action would be taken. and the final sprint to election day, just 62 days trail hard today in the key states of florida in and individual, and -- florida and virginia, and sitting down for interviews. trump and pence up first denying clinton's claim that trump choked on his meeting in mexico. >> i don't choke, she chokes. she's responsible for so many bad things in our country.
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about her own immigration policies, saying a border wall is not the answer. >> i hope what they'll say is i stand for the kind of future that will help them and their families. we want to get the economy to work for everyone, not just those at the top. >> the war of words is far from over. see the exclusive interviews next on world news, including why trump will not release his tax returns, and clinton's comments on not knowing agent the classified markings e-mails. and jeff flake firing back at trump's comments on him calling him a weak leader. he says trump says terrible things about women, mocks the disabled, disparage minorities, i'm not okay with that, and i'm going to keep speaking out until they change it is tone of his campaign. they've been sparring for several months now after
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gop nominee. just into the abc 15 live desk, the most tightly contested primary race in our state now battling it out in court. just minutes ago, a judge denying the request from christine jones to delay congressional results. jones' camp is suing claiming at least 300 eligible voters cast ballots that were not counted. keep in mind just nine votes separate jones and andy biggs that, a recount. it started out as a sunny day, but moisture from hurricane newton is streaming in, and moisture levels are on the ride. in fact dewpoints over the last day from risen 20 to 30 degrees across central and southern arizona. humidity up to 87 percent, and that moisture is going to continue to push farther north into tonight and tomorrow. here's what we're tracking now.
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thunderstorms have developed, the closest near i-8. this is moving to the northeast here, so we'll keep a close eye on it as it approaches casa grande, and we have more shower and thunderstorm developing in the higher terrain south of eloi and southeast arizona, including two active flood advisories. already seeing so much rain west of green valley. this is just the begiin activity overnight and tomorrow, and southeast arizona is going to get the worst of it as futurecast shows right here. going into the morning forecast tomorrow we could see some shower activity here in the valley as well. better chances for the southeast and east portions of the valley opposed to the west portions of valley, but that could change at a moment's notice if the remnants of newton shift west, so we'll continue to watch that for you. in the meantime we have a 10
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or thunderstorm over the next several hours, that chance increases to 20 percent after midnight, and 30 percent to approach the morning commute into the late morning hours. then we take a back a notch, and only up the rain chances again to 20 percent once we get a little bit of daytime heating in the late afternoon and evening. so how much rain? much of the phoenix metro is likely going to get less than a quarter of an inch. southeast valley half an inch, and isolated valley areas cou southeast arizona two to four inches, where the biggest flooding threat is going to be. temperatures cooler tomorrow as well, right now 98 off the high of 101 today. we have a few spots in the triple digits including peoria, goodyear, tempe, and chandler, and as we take a look across the state, temperatures right now in the 80s for prescott, sedona, and payson will drop down into the 50s and 60s overnight. look for a low of 46 in flagstaff, 56 in show low.
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the rim. 08 in globe -- 80 in globe, and tucson is expected to be wet much of the day. high winds also an issue across southeast arizona as newton comes in as either a tropical depression or even a weak tropical storm. so wind advisories issues from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. across southeast arizona tomorrow. gusts could top 40 to 50 hers, so watch out -- 50 miles per hour. so watch out for that tomorrow. and 12 degree below average, we start in the 70s, and keeps going through thursday and friday for the early morning lows, but it's 95 thursday, still a chance of a few more showers and thunderstorm, then sunny and dry friday at 103, and low triple digits for sunday and early next week as a slight chance for monsoon storms comes back. saving cash is never easy, especially with low interest rates. an app is lending a hand.
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world news tonight. the exclusive interviews with donald trump and hillary clinton. what does he mean she doesn't we don't agree on everything. but we do agree that an honest day's work deserves an honest day's pay. representative kyrsten sinema knows that. when congress refused to work and pass a budget, she said they shouldn't get a paycheck.
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call representative kyrsten sinema and thank her for holding congress accountable. ? ? ? you live life your way. we can help you retire your way, too. financial guidance while you're mastering life.
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>> back to the live desk, we have another obstacle for adot's plan to build the loop 202 south mountain freeway. the group arizona resource and children has filed an injunction to stop construction until an appeal's court can weigh in. the gila river community also expected to take the same action. now to a developing story impacting thousands of students across arizona and the country.
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including three campuses in arizona. the feds slapped them with sanctions claiming they cheated and mislead students starts today 8,000 employees were laid off. if you got a degree from itt tech it's still valid, and student loans, if you're a current student and not able to complete the program, you could have your debt forgiven. contact your loan servicer. and saving money is hard, especially with the rates, but dan has a simple way to save. >> reporter: back in college i used to work for a bank, bank one, and my career in finance didn't go anywhere, but i remember people complaining agent the interest rates. -- about the interest rates, they were so low. but there's a new app to help you out, you sign up, log in
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information. seriously, when you link digit to your checking out they study your spending and income history to produce your cash flow. they link it to the common technology you see in budgeting apps out there. a few times a week it take it is money, from 5 to 50 bucks and stashes it away from you. no monthly fees and you can take the app any time you want. it won't make you rich, but could get the mind set right start saving. abc 15 news. straight ahead at 6:00, we've seen the chaos, but wait until you hear it. it's the first time officers realize that bullets are coming at them after the dangerous bank robbery today. plus, he thinks the phoenix va is a mess. donald trump making a promise to everyone that works there if he's president. and can they plug the pipes? the oil pipeline that's fueled
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state at 6:00. if you're an itt neck student i'm sure -- tech student, i'm sure you're worried about the closure, but i'm joe ducey, and i'm letting you know you do have options. and a flash flood watch kicks in in about 30 minutes. showers and thunderstorms developing across pima county right now, and into the overnight forecast and tomorrow the rain chances are going to increase. tomorrow could be a wet day here in a wet day across southeast arizona as the remnants of hurricane newton move in.
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tonight, the abc news exclusive. hillary clinton, donald trump, both right here. and so are their running mates. the stunning new poll tonight. the race now a dead heat. 63 days to go, donald trump with the edge. hillary clinton, tim kaine, nothing off-limits. taking aim at trump, saying he ched clinton tonight on her stamina. and is she ready for that first and crucial debate? the debate is 20 days away, the first one. >> so i hear. >> are you nervous? also tonight, donald trump and mike pence. trump, firing back at clinton on claims he choked. and what he now says about undocumented immigrants. is he opening a new door? and trump on clinton not looking presidential. what do you mean by that? and donald trump's new promise, right here tonight.


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